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Privacy Notice

The use of privacy

Privacy refers to personal information submitted by members when purchasing goods on our website for this information, we will be administered in accordance with the privacy regulations.

Share with public information

Personal details of the member, we only use the website (SIGN, online shopping, website activity), or send updated product information to members questionnaire. Not used for purposes other than the purpose. In the case without the consent of the member will not disclose or provide personal information to a third member.

Collection and use of information

When collecting personal data (hereinafter "Personal Information") for the members, we will inform again the intended use, to obtain the consent of the member. No personal information will be used for purposes other than their intended uses.

About cookies

When members visit our website, you can more easily browse through the cookie. cookie and will not violate the privacy of its members, nor will it adversely affect members computers. Members can set your browser to disable Cookie, but if set to ban Cookie, members can not normal to use certain features of our website. About the browser settings, please contact the respective browser manufacturer.

About Safety

When the members to the home, to protect personal information of members, we will take certain safety measures. According to various web services, when members of the higher input confidential information (such as bank card password, etc.), we will the processed signal for other ways to protect personal information, member information.